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Upholstery Cleaner and upholstery cleaning london ontario

Restore freshness and new air to your home with our upholstery cleaning service.

Have you observed that clean upholstery makes the living room more welcoming?

Clean upholstery protects you and your pets from spreading germs and from allergies.

It also protects your upholstery and restores its original appearance.

Many times, to save money, people try to clean their upholstery themselves.

But they can never do a job as thorough as a professional upholstery steam cleaner would.

Our professional upholstery cleaning takes complete care of your upholstery.

It sanitizes your furniture and removes all disease-causing microbes and particles.

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What do we do?

Desiring to offer you the most satisfying steam upholstery cleaning near London Ontario, we go through a careful step-by-step process. The steps:

–    Pre-vacuum

–    Pre-treatment

–    Hand Scrub

–    Extraction and rinse

–    Anti-soiling protection


During the pre-vacuum phase of the upholstery cleaning, an upholstery steam cleaner removes hair and fine soil. We do this with a handheld vacuum and beater brush.


Then, a cleaning agent is applied, which breaks down oils from the upholstery. Oil gets on upholstery from the skin and furs of pets.

Hand Scrub

With a horsehair brush (specifically designed for cleaning furniture), we carefully hand scrub the upholstery. It is an essential aspect that an upholstery cleaner never misses because it complements pre-treatment.

Extraction and rinse

The upholstery steam cleaner then extracts and rinses the furniture. It flushes out the dirt and cleaning agents making your furniture neat and safe for you and your family. Additionally, the furniture undergoes extra dry passes to help it dry faster and avoid odor.

Anti-soiling protection

After upholstery cleaning, the furniture is always sensitive and can easily get soiled. By applying an anti-soiling protector, we prevent the furniture from absorbing oil. Thus, it stays cleaner for a longer time.

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