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How often is too often to clean and sanitise your carpets thoroughly and by a professional carpet cleaning London Ontario agency?
The frequency at which you have your carpets professionally cleaned depends on many factors.
• Number of people living in the house. Too many people would increase the rate at which your carpet gets stained and dirtied. In such a case, you should clean more often
• If you have kids, pets and a partner who smokes, carpet cleaners should be regular visitors to your home.
Generally there is an unspoken rule about carpet cleaning. Vacuuming the carpet should be an every week event while commercial carpet cleaning should be a bit first occurrence.
However, for families with kids and pets, carpet cleaning should be a more frequent exercise. This is because kids and pets don’t know any better and would often get the carpet messed up again.
Cleaning your carpet often would protect you from having a poorly ventilated home. Carpets collect dust and dirt; regular cleaning would prevent that and protect your pets.

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