Area Rug Steam Cleaning

Area Rug Steam Cleaning

area rug stream cleaning and area rug cleaning

For us as a company, we strive to offer our customers modern and up-to-date solutions that give the best results.

This is why when it comes to area rugs, we only use steam cleaning.

It allows us to treat rugs delicately, to maintain its texture and appearance.

Like sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning, steam cleaning of area rugs happens in several steps.

They include:

–    Vacuuming

–    Pre-treatment

–    Rinsing

–    Grooming

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First, our team of experts will vacuum the area rug.

This step is vital to every steam carpet cleaner. Vacuuming is followed by pre-treatment.

During pre-treatment, we will treat stained spots in the area with a special stain-removing agent.

After treating the spots with this stain remover, a conditioner is then used to treat the entire carpet.

These preparatory steps are vital to our process because we offer the best results.

After preparation, we begin the actual steam cleaning by injecting a rinsing solution into the rug fibers.

By doing this at a high temperature, it washes out the dirt thoroughly from the carpet.

After rinsing it, the rug is pulled out by a truck-mounted vacuum.

The next step is to use air movers to make the carpet dry faster.

Using a groomer, we will groom the rug fibers. In essence, once the tool raises the rug fibers, it increases the rug’s drying speed. Grooming also improves the rug’s final appearance. We complete the cleaning by adding our unique formula to give your carpet a great feel and smell.
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