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Cleaning Products

There are a thousand and one cleaning products in the market today and twice that amount in Carpet cleaning London Ontario product brands.
The sheer amount of these items is enough to spin you into a confused state.

Each of these cleaning products has its functions, pros and cons. However, when it comes to cleaning carpets, one brand stands out for us. Prochem.

The prochem brand is one that we trust to help us keep your home clean and healthy. Prochem is a one-stop shop for anything carpet cleaning.
They have a large collection of cleaning materials for anything carpet. They offer the following:

Cleaning solutions.

These cleaning solutions are further broken down into specific uses.

- Pre sprays. This cleaning solution is usually applied to the dirtier areas of the carpet before the main cleaning begins. It comes in different scents and types.
- Extraction detergents. These liquid detergents used in tandem with the hot water extraction machine suspend dirt and oily stains. It extracts the dirt from the carpet.
- Deodorisers and Sanitizers. The function of this product is to remove odour and clear the carpet of microorganisms.

They offer biocidal sanitizers that fight against more stubborn microorganisms.

Prochem also offers a wide range of products for stain removal and carpet protection.

Residential Crapet Cleaning

WE can clean it

Eco Friendly

We all benefit of taking care of the environment

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Make your business shine again

Pet Friendly

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Make your tile look like new again